Todays cutting edge technology is here.Watch TV ? all you need is an Color Computer monitor. The Gadmei innovative Combo TV Box designed to suit your pocket with perfection like no other. Now.. it is possible to turn your old Computer Monitor into a TV for less than Rs.3000Ö.Instead of scrambling for the remote control to watch your favorite Cricket match, all you need is the GADMEI TV Combo Box.Donít waste Rs 15000/= on a second TV,when you can convert you PC Monitor .In to high definition TV with the GADMEI TV Combo box.itís as simple as plug and play,simple to install. Simply connect the Gadmei Combo TV Box to Computer monitor by using the video cable and a antenna input Press the buttons on the remote control. That is all ! to get your local TV channels so PERFECT & CLEAR.

" TURN OFF Your Monitor and Hear Listen to TV sound or FM Radio or to save power."
"When we watch TV, Sometimes we never sit back in front of the TV but we hear only the TV sound. The Gadmei TV2810E COMBO BOX is connected to the Computer monitor as a TV set, the specially being its ability to knock off the picture and hear the sound only, which saves electricity. The two sections as TV / FM Tuner and Computer Monitor could be use separately. This cannot be done in TV sets. This is a very important feature which I seen in GADMEI TV Box use with a computer monitor "

Saman Fernando
IT Department
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